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Date: Wednesday 16th May 日期:5月16日星期三
Time: 7.15pm 時間:晚上7時15分
Location: TST Clock Tower 地點:尖沙咀鐘樓
All cyclists are invited to ride together to remember all those cyclists who died or were injured in 2011 in Hong Kong, and to quietly make the statement that “we are here” and deserve respect and consideration. This is one of hundreds of such rides around the world at the same time, annually on this third Wednesday in May.
Route: similar to previous years; details to be advised.
Bike lights: required, front and back
Helmets: recommended
Reminder: please let’s ride quietly or in silence as we remember others
More information 更多資訊:http://hkcyclingalliance.org/ros2012
Remembering 20 cyclists dead in 2011
The past year saw the highest ever recorded number of cyclist deaths in Hong Kong: twenty people who are no longer riding. That’s 20 out of a total of 128 road deaths of all kinds: almost one in every six road fatalities was a cyclist. The 2012 Ride of Silence will send a powerful message that the government has a duty to take action to reduce this carnage, especially by increasing awareness among drivers and the public in general of the rights and needs of cyclists.
The cyclists killed and injured in 2011 who we will be remembering include*:
– 15/01/2011 – A man aged 73 was found unconcious at 6am after he had been riding along Kam Tai Road towards Tai Kong Po village. 一名73歲男士於元朗沿錦泰路往大江埔村行駛,其後被發現昏迷倒地。
– 26/03/2011 – A woman named LIN (林), aged 56, was cycling in Yuen Long in the early evening when the door of a parked car was opened into her way, throwing her into the path of a truck. 一名56歲姓林女士於上午約7時許在元朗橋興路被私家車打開車門撞跌再被輕型貨車撞死。
– 04/04/2011 – A man aged 77 was hit by a taxi at about 8.30am on Tai Po Tai Wo Road. 一名77歲姓邱男士於上午約8時半許在大埔太和路被的士撞死。
– 06/05/2011 – HEINE YUAN (阮偉寧), aged 24, was hit by speeding red minibus on Castle Peak Road in Tuen Mun, at about 11pm. 阮偉寧(24歲) 晚上約11時在青山公路往屯門時被超速的紅色小巴撞倒。
– 14/05/2011 – 陳健成 (CHAN), aged 26, was hit by a seven-seater car at about 7pm on Cheung Sha Wan Road. 陳健成 (26歲)晚上約7時於長沙灣道被七人車撞倒
– 01/06/2011 – 黃曉風 (WONG), aged 43, hit a safety barrier as he rode his bike down O King Road into Yau Tong from Tseung Kwan O. 黃曉風(43歲) 騎單車沿將軍澳澳景路落斜向碧雲道方向時失事撞向防撞欄。
– 07/06/2011 – A man named NG, aged 71, was found severely injured at 4:30am in Hip Wo Street in Kwun Tong and died a few days later in hospital. 一名吳姓71歲男士於上午約4時35分被發現身受重傷倒臥在觀塘協和街近物華街,幾日後於醫院死亡。
– 29/08/2011 – A man named LAM, aged 62, was knocked down by a car and killed as he rode along Tai Po Road towards Sha Tin just before 5.00 in the morning. 林亮威(62歲)沿大埔道往沙田行駛,於清晨4時45分被私家車撞倒引致死亡。
– 05/09/2011 – A man named CHOI, aged 55, was hit by a minibus as he cycled along Sha Kok Street in Shatin 一名姓蔡男士( 55歲),於早上9時許騎單車沿沙角街駛出大涌橋路時,被一輛往大圍的專線小巴撞倒。
– 08/09/2011 – LIU FUNG-CHUN, a 46-year-old hospital worker and mother of two, was knocked down by a minibus as she crossed A Kung Kok Street at about 7am, in Ma On Shan. 在醫院工作的女士廖鳳珍(46歲)早上7時許騎着單車橫過亞公角街,遭一輛公共小巴撞倒後被捲入車底,送院後不治。
– 18/09/2011 – LAM KWOK HUNG, aged 42, lost control as he rode down Shek Pai Wan Road in Aberdeen with three friends at about 1am. He died a few hours later from injuries to his head. 林國雄(42歲)於凌晨1時許,與3名車友沿香港仔薄扶林道落斜,至石排灣道牛奶公司對開一個左彎時失控墮地頭部受傷,其後死亡。
– 23/10/2011 – 錢X培, a man aged 52, crashed into a lamppost and injured his head as he cycled down a 1:8 hill on Lam Kam Road, west of Tai Po. 52歲的錢X培沿林錦公路往元朗方向,於一段 1:8斜度路段失控撞上左邊的燈柱頭部重傷昏迷,送院搶救後不治。
– 27/11/2011 – 鄧錦華, a man aged 54, was riding on a cycle track near Yat Cheung Street towards Ma On Shan at about 10am when he fell, possibly after fainting or suffering a heart attack. He died despite receiving immediate first aid. 鄧錦華(54歲)早晨10時許沿吐露港單車徑往馬鞍山,途至馬料水逸祥街對開時,疑突心臟病發暈倒,昏迷地上,經急救後不治身亡。
– 14/12/2011 – A cyclist was knocked down when a taxi door opened directly in front of him in Woosung Street, a side street off Jordan Road, at around 2pm. He died a few days later. 一名踏單車人士(男)在下午2時於吳松街近佐敦道被的士開門撞倒,幾日後傷重死亡。
– 24/12/2011 – A 79-year-old man was cycling on Kam Sheung Road near Shek Wu Tong, outside Yuen Long. After he was apparently hit by another vehicle, he was found lying dead in the road. 一名79歲男士於錦上路近元朗石湖塘騎單車,其後被發現倒於地上死亡,相信曾被其他車輛撞倒。
google map showing death spots in 2011標示了2011年單車人士死亡地點的地圖:
* If you know of others who died, or you can provide missing names above, please let us know and we will include them here.



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